This website reports the details of 5432 indiviuals of which 2827 are males, 2562 are females and 43 are sex unknown.
Of the 1879 individuals with recorded birth and death years, the average lifespan was 60.79 years.
Of these, 1011 males averaged 57.7 years, 860 females averaged 64.75 years and 8 sex unknown averaged 26.13 years.
The longest living male was Moses Haim Montefiore who died age 101 years. The longest living female was Maude Catherine Priddy, who died aged 104 years.
There are a total of 1207 different surnames. There are 1,937 families reported. Of these, 1,196 are reported as having children, with an average of 2.94 children per family.
The most children were had by the couple Moses Vita Haim Montefiore and Esther Hannah Racah. They had 17 children.
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